Club Order Agreement


Club Order Agreement

Suit Design
Splitz will design and provide you with a sample product for approval before finalizing your order. To ensure your club has a unique product, Splitz takes pride in not copying other company designs and is in compliance with Copy-write Regulations. The price agreed upon will be an all-inclusive price for the production of the suit. Any changes in the design may change the price, which will be confirmed before the start of the production of the order.

Production Times
The DATE your suits are needed must be indicated at the time of order. Club orders are on a first come, first serve basis as well as by competition schedule. Delivery time of any additional suit will be dependent on the urgency or the current customer demand.
Orders must be finalized 8 weeks prior to the expected delivery date. Orders placed during peak season may require 12 weeks for production.

 Earlier production times may be available, please contact us for a current estimated shipping date.

Club orders must be paid through the club. Splitz will accept Visa, MasterCard, or certified cheques. A deposit of 50% must be received at the time of order. The remaining balance must be received by Splitz before the order is shipped. Special and Rush orders (ie: additional suits) are subject to an additional fee per item and may not be guaranteed for the delivery date depending on time and availability. Payment for Special and Rush orders is due in full at the time of ordering.

Care Instructions
Please note that combining a white or light coloured fabric with a dark colour fabric may result in colour transference. Perspiration and deodorant often contribute to colours bleeding, especially when the two colours meet under the arm. Colour transference can also occur between warm up shorts and light colour garments. Carefully select your fabric colour combinations and follow the washing instructions provided with the suit.

Failure to follow manufacturers washing instructions may cause colours to bleed or change, or cause damage to the fabric. Splitz cannot guarantee a product that has been miss washed. Never apply soap directly to any part of the garment and do not soak the garment.

Fabrics may show wear in areas of the garment such as underarms, between the legs and sometimes on the body of the suit from friction, deodorant and sweat. This type of wear is normal. Splitz will not accept returns on orders due to colour transference or normal wear of the fabric.

Website photos may not be an exact match to the actual fabric colours. For best results, please request fabric swatches and discuss designs before placing an order.

A "Fit Kit" is provided to your club to ensure accuracy in selecting a suit for each of your participants. The kit will include sample suits in various sizes, as well, a copy of the size measurement chart is available for reference. Your club is responsible for using these tools to select an appropriate size for each participant. Splitz assumes that all measurements provided by your club are accurate.

Appointments to have a staff member of Splitz fit your participants may be available.

Splitz will replace or alter any suits due to manufacture error. Splitz is not responsible for any error made by the club, alteration or replacement costs, along with any applicable shipping fees will be the responsibility of the club. Any alterations required after the garment has been worn must be laundered before returning to Splitz. A $10.00 laundering fee, plus applicable taxes, per garment will be charged.

Any returns or exchanges must be in accordance with the Return/Exchange Policy.

Club's Responsibility
All orders must be received in written form or through email. The participant's name, size, measurements and competition level is required to ensure complete information. Confirmation of the order will be sent to the club's contact person as soon as Splitz has received the order and the deposit. Incomplete orders will not be processed. Once production has started, only increases to the order may be considered. If a suit has been cut the club will be charged for that suit.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Splitz at your convenience. A Splitz Representative will get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to doing business with you!